About Grace

Grace-FavoriteI am Grace, and I live by grace. Since I was a little child I have been passionate about God. I have made more mistakes than I can remember. Some very costly, others shape forming to who I am now.

Originally from Ecuador, I have lived in USA for more than 30 years, which makes me wonder what the answer should be when someone asks me “where is home for you?” Life, I know now, is my journey back home – to my heavenly father.

I live now in Nashville and I’m humbled and thankful God has given me an extra-ordinary husband and two outstanding sons who I love dearly.

All my life I have lived with the sense of destiny besides my own. I somehow knew God had a plan for my life.

Three years ago, I embarked on a bewildering journey: writing this book. I was not a writer and English is my second language… just a couple of setbacks from the start among so many other ones.

However, I had said “YES” to whatever God had asked me to do. And I started moving towards it in spite all my fears and insecurities. It has been said in the Bible that He does choose the foolish things of this world… 1 Cor. 1:27

Perplexing things started happening in my life, almost in a daily basis. I assumed them coincidences at first but after so many; there was no other name for it but “providence”.

God’s spirit took over and swept me into this new way of seeing, new perspectives… and flew me over concepts that were out of my comfort zone and knowledge; splashing me with notions of quantum physics, black holes, supernovas and other conceptions extremely foreign to my intellectual capacity.

In the process, He healed me from my vision, postulated the key people to help me, provided the finances necessary to publish the book, directed me to the sources He wished me to investigate, delivered His message to me through dreams and visions on a consistent and continuous basis and gave me the supposedly comforting sense that He was in total control.

As you can imagine…. this scared me to death! But I was committed, even if I would have been committed!! I pressed on with all my weakness in front and all His power behind. Along the way, God bequeathed me with “butterfly kisses”, just to let me know everything was going to be O.K.

One of my favorites and consoling one was the deep hidden talent of painting. I never painted before in my life and suddenly, after my providential meeting with a talented local painter, I started to paint. Painting has become soothing therapy now that I’m undergoing chemo. Oh yeah, I have also been diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year.

But no worries, to me it is only a physical prop to make all the knowledge He gave me during the writing of this book more real and authentic in my spiritual journey.

The book, the painting, the boldness, should be to you all, evidence and therefore encouragement that God still works through, for, and by people like me – a foolish thing!